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Published: Friday, March 9th, 2018

Are you using social media marketing to drive sales? How about Facebook advertising? If so, then the recent update to Facebook’s ads manager is an important development for you. Last week Facebook Business announced updates to their ads manager metrics system. According to the update, Facebook is responding to calls from business users who want more insight into ad metrics and measurement tools. The response focuses on providing more transparency for business owners regarding ad performance. They’ve added new metrics but also removed old ones to help users stay focused on more meaningful results. Here’s an overview of the changes for those of you who have not yet seen them but who may still be investing money in FB ads.

New metrics labels

On 22nd February, ads manager began labelling some metrics as ‘estimated or in development.’ The labels appear in the tool tips section of Ads Manager’s reporting table. They also appear in the customized column selector for ad campaigns running across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Ads manager will now use what they call a sampling or modelling system that can evolve as more data on your ad campaigns is gathered. Facebook claims these new estimated metrics can ‘provide directional insights for outcomes that are hard to precisely quantify.’

Removing unhelpful metrics

Come July this year, Facebook will remove approximately 20 metrics that marketers have deemed redundant, outdated or not actionable. Good to see Facebook listening to their customers. By removing the old metrics, they claim it will help you the customer to gain more ‘actionable insights’ on your campaigns and thus improve performance.

The benefit?

Presumably these changes are intended to help business owners maximize the results of their ad campaigns. If this estimation model provides them with information that they can use to make more informed decisions about their ads and get higher returns on their ad spend, then it stands to reason that businesses will appreciate the changes and continue investing in Facebook ads. If the model proves effective i.e. produces a win-win outcome, then businesses might even consider increasing their ad expenditure because of it. That’s good for the businesses using ad manager and really good for Facebook’s bottom line. Facebook is in a perpetual state of change, we all know that, so these changes may be old hat by next year. But if you’re intending to launch a Facebook ad campaign soon, then it’s worth your while reviewing the latest changes in more detail for yourself.

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