Increase your sales through professional web design

Published: Friday, November 17th, 2017

Wondering how you’re gonna generate new revenue in 2018? Take a good look at your business plan for next year. Does it include building a website? If it doesn’t then it should, in fact it should be your top priority. There are all kinds of reasons why people dilly-dally on this issue. Perhaps you’re suspicious of internet marketing and don’t believe it can help increase sales for you, or maybe you’ve just never found the time to focus on web development.

Either way, the fact is without a website you are missing a major opportunity to generate new leads and increase sales. You may not even be aware of just how many sales opportunities you miss on a daily basis. So, to give you some idea, here are some stats on internet consumerism in Ireland, the online market potential going forward and how you can increase your sales through professional web design.

Research online, buy offline

How often have you told people that your business isn’t suited to the internet? That you are more of a word-of-mouth operation? Well, business may be good right now but in five years it could be a different story. Just consider these stats for a moment. 89% of Irish households are connected to the net. 88% of people research products and services online before purchasing offline. 87% of Irish users access the internet on mobile devices. 86% of Irish people now own or have access to a smartphone.

A clear majority of consumers these days rely on the internet to find what they need before parting with their cash. Doing a quick local search on a smartphone is easy and tells shoppers who has the service or product they need, which saves them a lot of time and reduces stress. This is the future of consumerism.

Can you really afford to be without a website?

What you need to remember about web design

Let me be blunt about this. DO NOT hire amateurs to build your website. Don’t invest in web design unless you are prepared to work with professional web developers who understand how to build websites with sales and other conversion metrics in mind. Here’s a list of things that need to be done well by your web developer:

• Your website should be built with technical SEO in mind
• Your website should drive enquiries and sales
• Your website should be mobile-friendly, see responsive web design article
• Your website should be safe for visitors to use, see website security to learn more

Why your current web design is not working for you

Once your website is built you want people to visit you right? Converting website visitors into enquiry calls and eventually into sales is the whole point. So just bear in mind that building a website and then ignoring it is not going to increase sales! You need to develop a digital marketing strategy to continuously drive customers to your product and service web pages. Remember, if your website is getting plenty of traffic but not generating any enquiries then something is clearly wrong.

To learn more about this, see why building a website is a waste of money (if you build it on the cheap!).

The potential for small and medium business

CSO figures for 2016 estimates that 87% of Irish households had access to the internet at home in 2016, an increase of 2 percentage points compared with 2015. It was just 72% in 2010. Again, you can see the online trend is steadily rising. The online opportunities for small and medium businesses in Ireland are clearly continuing to grow.

Still think you don’t need a website?

Current online sales potential in Ireland

Last year the Irish Times reported on the increasing importance of the digital economy in Ireland stating that Irish consumers spent a staggering €850,000 online every hour in 2016. This was a 20% increase in just four years making Ireland one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world. Unfortunately, evidence suggests a lot of this online shopping by Irish consumers – 60% – is done on UK and other foreign websites because they can’t find what they’re after on Irish websites. Could that be your opportunity to provide goods and services online?

increase your sales through professional web design

Recently, the European Ecommerce Report 2017 revealed the potential of the online Irish food market; last year food sales increased to almost €140 million, with one European ecommerce policy advisor declaring that “food will be the future of ecommerce.” They also found that ecommerce revenue in Europe increased by 15% to €530 billion in 2016, so clearly the digital consumerism trend is gaining momentum with each passing year. The report also revealed that 66% of 16 – 24 year olds, and 33% of 55-74 year olds, frequently buy online, so it isn’t just younger people using the net to explore and purchase.

Still think you can afford to put a website on the back burner?

You need to think ahead – online spending projections for Ireland

Last year the Virgin Media Digital Insights Report, predicted that Irish consumers are likely to spend over €14 billion a year online by 2021. Other sources put that figure much higher at €21 billion by 2020. They’re just forecasts, but if they turn out to be accurate, that’s serious sales potential for such a small nation. Shouldn’t your business be getting ready to take a slice of that pie? Well then, it’s time to cut the crap! No more excuses. You need to stop delaying and get your website built by a professional web design agency.

The future of your business may just depend on it!

Key takeaways

88% of Irish people research online before purchasing items offline. 89% of Irish households are now connected. Online spending is projected to double by 2021 to €14 billion, so not having a website now makes no sense in today’s economy. Those of you still without a website for your business really need to stop making excuses. Get it built! For those of you with websites that aren’t performing, get it fixed! If your website is getting the traffic but failing to convert it into sales, then something is wrong. You need to contact a professional web agency and review both your website performance and your digital marketing strategy.

Get ready to increase your sales

Don’t waste any more time, contact the professional digital marketing agency today. To arrange a free web design consultation message Digitaledge or call 091 704830.

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