How to get your business started on Facebook

Published: Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

It’s fourteen years old but Facebook is still an incredibly popular social media website. It holds 65% of the social media market in Ireland and 75% globally. Businesses large and small use it to grow their online following and communicate directly with fans. It also has an advertising platform to help you drive website traffic, boost sales and promote your brand to more people. Having a digital marketing strategy for your business today without some element of social media, means you could be missing a big opportunity to increase revenues. So, for those of you ready to test social media as a digital marketing tool, here’s how to get your business started on Facebook.

How to set up a Facebook business page

Step 1
It’s free to set up a business page on Facebook and the process is relatively simple. First, users need a personal account before they can create a business page. If you have just established your business, or you are completely new to social media, then go to Facebook to set up your personal profile. This can be done from any device including smartphones. Your personal profile page will look something like the image below. Once your profile page is complete you are ready to create a business page. To do this just click on the small inverted triangle at the very right of the menu as shown.

facebook profile


Step 2
When you click the inverted triangle, Facebook will present you with a drop-down list of options that looks like the image below. The list allows you to create a business page, a Facebook group, or start your first Facebook advertising campaign. But before you consider an ad click the ‘create page’ option to get started.


create a page drop down menu

Step 3
When you click ‘create page’ you will be taken to another menu where you decide if you want to register as a local business, a company or organisation, a brand or product, artist or band, entertainment, cause or community. For a local business click on the first box as shown.

create page

Step 4
When you click on ‘local business or place’ the box will convert to another menu as shown. Fill out the form so Facebook can identify who you are, where you are and what you are. Facebook will of course ask you to agree to their terms and conditions, so before hitting the Get Started button, you may want to spend some time reading the Facebook Page Terms.

local business or place

Step 5
Facebook is a highly visual platform but before you start posting and sharing visual content, make sure to upload an appropriate profile and header image. The cover, or header image, is the main photo and takes up the most space. Try to make this image really count in terms of impact, but whatever it is make sure it stays within the Facebook guidelines for cover photos. The profile image is smaller and positioned to the left of the page. It could be your logo if you want.

What does a Facebook business page look like?

Have a look at the Digitaledge Facebook page below. As you can see, you have a list of menu options running along the top of the page and down the left-hand side. Your insights, publishing tools, promotions and settings buttons are all above the header. On the left vertical menu, you have an about page where you introduce your business and explain how you help people. There’s also a services button where you can tell your page fans about your offerings. Keep it short and to the point. Remember, Facebook is a highly visual platform where users prefer to view content like photos and videos rather than read blocks of text. And speaking of photos, there is a photos button where visitors can see your page photos. Here you can also create photo albums like an events album or a product album. Video marketing is huge now, so the menu also has a video option where you can upload your promo business vids and manage all your video content in the Facebook Video Library.

In the middle under the header image are the infamous page Like, Follow and Share buttons. Just below them you can see the window telling you to ‘write something.’ This is where you will post for the first time. Once you click inside the space, Facebook gives you the option to post now or schedule your post at a future date. It allows includes a ‘Boost Post’ button if you have an advertising budget to spend.

facebook business page

Add a call to-action

Finally, the crucial call-to-action (CTA) button is to the right of your page just under the cover image. When you click on it, Facebook opens a window where you can choose the right call-to-action for your visitors. Do you want people to call you, sign-up or get a quote? You decide. The CTA is an important feature on your Facebook page so don’t overlook it!

Contact Digitaledge

Businesses large and small should consider testing Facebook marketing as a potential sales generator. If you’re ready to promote your company using social media marketing but need help developing the right Facebook strategy, email us or call 091 704830.

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