Who’s Killing it On Social in the West of Ireland? pt 1 Facebook

Published: Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Here at Digitaledge we have been mightily impressed with local businesses who are killing it on social media. So much so that we think it’s worth pointing out how they do it and maybe inspire other local businesses to start thinking more about their social media strategy and how to use it to promote themselves online. So, with that in mind we are launching a mini-series of blogs covering a different social channel every month. You will discover how Irish businesses in all kinds of industries are using social media marketing to their advantage and how you could be too. First up is the omnipresent Facebook. According to Ipsos MRBI Facebook still holds 64% of the social networking market in Ireland, with 72% of them logging on daily. Up to 1.8m Irish people are active on FB everyday so it’s a crucial channel for businesses.

Let’s jump right in with 3 of our personal favourites who are killing it on social.


The Dough Bros


who's killing it on social media


Who are they?
The Dough Bros kick-started in 2013 making delicious authentic Italian wood fired pizzas. They started with their street food truck selling pizza at markets and events.  From those humble beginnings four years ago to opening their second outlet, the lads have captured the public’s imagination and their Facebook strategy reflects that. Their page is helping to tell their story as it unfolds. These guys really understand the power of personal branding and the Dough Bros story is one of passion for good authentic food, and a vision of food as a social experience. Their fans love it. We do too!

Fans: over 23000 and counting
Social verdict: great storytelling, the Bros are killing it on social!

Why it’s a great page
Great Facebook pages use visuals to tell a compelling story and storytelling is where The Dough Bros excel. Every photo and video of them engaging with customers and cooking great food shows how much passion they have for their work. Their posts also keep fans up to date with information on events, such as the recent opening of their second outlet in Galway . Their sense of humour and interaction with customers makes this page a winner. Their fans appreciate their passion for what they do and it shows in the level of engagement on their page. Their posts often receive hundreds of likes, comments and shares, like their recent WIN A PIZZA PARTY FOR 5 special offer to celebrate their fourth birthday. Building and engaging a Facebook audience isn’t easy but in just a few years The Dough Bros have grown theirs to over 23000. Their passion and humour is paying off.

Website: The Dough Bros
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An Pucan


who's killing it on social in ireland


Who are they?
An Pucan has transformed itself into one of Galway City’s most popular pubs and live music venues. It’s a thriving busy place with a great atmosphere, serving good food and drink right in the heart of Galway. That atmosphere is reflected brilliantly on their Facebook page. A first-time visitor will get an instant lively and fun vibe that makes you want to head straight down to their beer garden for a pint with your friends.

Fans: 84000 and counting
Social verdict: a highly engaging page that understands its audience perfectly

Why it’s a great page
An Pucan have been on quite a journey these past few years and again it’s the visual storytelling that makes the difference. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with photos and videos of live gigs, sports events, tasty food shots, promotional giveaways and fun videos like the Irish Rugby team skits. The page shows their sense of humour, their passion and their level of commitment to social media marketing. It’s no surprise that An Pucan picked up a Social Media Award last year and the People’s Choice Award this year at the OMiG digital marketing awards. Like The Dough Bros, An Pucan is evolving and building a community of fans who regularly like, comment and share their posts. The engagement force is strong with this one!

Website: An Pucan
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who's killing it on social


Who are they?
The only major Irish-owned fast food chain in Ireland. Opening his first outlet in 1978, Pat McDonagh (pictured second from right) has grown Supermac’s to over 100 restaurants nationwide serving over 300,000 customers per week. It isn’t just about the food, it’s about creating a Supermac’s community. They place a heavy emphasis on sport, particularly GAA. Their fans love it and their photos and videos receive significant engagement.

Fans: over 86000 and climbing
Social verdict: Supermac’s Facebook pages do a great job of nurturing a real sense of community through sport

Why it’s a great page
Supermac’s have gone one step further with their Facebook marketing by creating individual pages for different locations to appeal more to local audiences and local activities such as the GAA. So as well as the Supermac’s Official page, fans can also access Supermac’s Loughrea, Supermac’s Longford, Supermac’s Coolock and so on. This brings storytelling even closer to home and is great for local engagement. This emphasis on local communities and activities differentiates them from other fast food joints and keeps their home-grown brand strong. But as always it’s the visuals that play a crucial role in engagement, and Supermac’s mix it up well with posts featuring images of their outlet franchisees, GAA events and competition winners as well as their fast food. Supermac’s also use Facebook for promotional purposes, like their competition to win tickets to see Mrs Brown in support of Trocaire. Other competitions include the popular Supermac’s Fresh Jingle competition where music fans could win recording time at Windmill Lane Studios plus €1000. What a cool prize!

Website: Supermac’s
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Key Takeaways

The key takeaway here is that these diverse companies prove it does not matter what industry you’re in, with the right Facebook strategy you can effectively engage and grow your audience. Whether you sell authentic Italian pizza, beer or fast food, the crucial elements to get right are storytelling and engagement. Your community will grow, if you consistently deliver interesting, relevant and entertaining content that reveals your own unique personality. But remember, building a successful social media strategy requires time, commitment and patience.

Need help with your social media marketing strategy?

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