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The advancement in technology is increasing at a tremendous rate transforming the way consumers interact with your business. An example of this is the phenomenal growth of those browsing websites on their mobile device. This changes the screen size that customers now view your website in but also allows for new and varied methods of interaction. Digitaledge believe that responsive web design not only should deliver a design for numerous screen sizes, but also has to include updated user experience, strategies and content. A consideration which can determine sales conversion success or failure. For any of your web design needs please feel free to get in touch with us in Galway for a free consultation.

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What makes or breaks a successful website is user experience. To be competitive you must have appealing and consistent web design, valuable information structured in a way that is easy to navigate, along with dynamic interactions that are fast, intuitive, consistent, meaningful and reliable. Digitaledge have over 15 years experience working with multinationals using a process of eliciting business requirements, documenting and refining business processes, research, web design, web development, testing and deployment. It is our mission to bring this expertise to your business and enhance your customer's experiences, growing your relationship into one of loyalty and value resulting in increased sales conversions and higher customer retention rates. Get in touch with us now see how Digitaledge can positively impact your customer's

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Search engines are constantly evolving in an attempt to offer the best matches for their users. They are not only analysing websites based on content but are also evaluating architecture, navigation, code, security and speed and will discriminate if a website fails to match certain standards. This is why we at Digitaledge go beyond User Experience Design and also provide a service of Technical SEO, a process of research and technical design which focuses on search engine requirements. It has been proven that developing websites with our approach can significantly improve your visibility to potential customers with a developed interest in your products or services. Please contact Digitaledge before you start your next project.



Any disruption that affects the integrity of your site could put your business at risk and have serious consequences. A broken link can mean a loss in sales and opportunities, outdated software can leave your business and customers vulnerable and stale content will negatively impact SEO and customer perception. At Digitaledge we offer various maintenance packages which include regular software upgrades, link analysis, page loading optimisation, content and design updates, website back-ups and more. Partnering with Digitaledge will allow peace of mind that your customer experience is consistently positive and your business is always prepared for opportunity. Talk to us today to discuss your maintenance needs.



A website can only be as reliable as it's web server, software and web host. At Digitaledge we provide the expertise to analyse your business needs and help match these requirements with the correct web hosting package, web server and software while also researching and registering the domain name for your business. It is our aim to provide you with end to end digital services allowing you to focus on what's important, running your business. Talk to Digitaledge today.