The money you could be making if you invested in web design

Published: Monday, January 29th, 2018

Last year we came across a couple of web design articles which really resonated with us. The question is, did they resonate with you, the small business owner. I’m sure they did for those of you that saw them but for those of you who didn’t, here’s a quick reminder of the money you could be making if you invested in web design.

What the right web design is worth to a small business in Ireland

IEDR and Ignite conducted some very interesting research into the value that a website has for Irish business owners. Their survey sampled 500 Irish SMEs and the results were clear, unsurprising and should matter to all business owners currently without a website. They asked SMEs what a website was worth to their business. Their answer: on average an additional €24000 annually. OK, so Apple or Ryanair won’t get too excited about 24 grand in extra sales but we’re not talking about large companies here. We’re talking about small companies investing in web design that are bringing in significant additional revenues, that can make a big difference to a small business.

To learn more, visit IEDR to read Oonagh McCutcheon’s full article.

why web design is essential for small business

The reasons small businesses give for not investing in web design

The Small website conducted research into website ownership. It found that 29% of small businesses still had no website but a more interesting revelation concerned the reasons why these businesses have no website. The answers were as follows:

• 31% use social media pages instead
• 25% claim a lack of technical skills
• 23% claim a website isn’t necessary in their line of business
• 22% site a lack of resources, either time or money, as the reason they have no website

Visit to read the full article

Web design, technical skills and resources

Let’s take a closer look at two of these reasons for not having a website. First, the technical issue sited by 25% of respondents. Of course, not all business owners are going to be tech savvy, but this should not act as an obstacle to you getting online. The fact is with just a little bit of training either you, or a member of your staff, can learn enough to manage and update your website content as and when you please. Content management systems like WordPress are not that difficult to manage. In just one or two training sessions even a beginner can learn enough to make simple updates to your website. For more complex web design changes you should leave it to your web designer and developer.

22% of business owners sited resources – time or money – as a reason to avoid going online. At Digitaledge we often come across this issue. Let me just say this; when it comes to time there is never going to be a right time to develop a website. If you keep using time as an excuse you will never establish yourself online and you will continue to lose out on the extra money you could be making if you had a website. Sorry to be blunt but a lack of time is a poor excuse.

As for cost, well of course budgeting for web design and development is a genuine concern. Costs vary depending on the size of the project but try to remember the potential return on your investment. As the IEDR researched showed, the average small businesses with a website can expect to take home, on average, an additional €24k a year. For most of you, that easily covers your web design costs and generates a healthy profit on top in your first year.

To learn more about this visit Why your website is not driving sales

Other reasons for avoiding web design

So, 31% of the businesses surveyed use social media pages instead of a website. We can only assume that their social media pages are helping to drive sales. If that’s the case, more power to them! But why should that be used as a reason not to have a website. As we’ve already pointed out, the evidence is there that shows the average Irish business – with a website – pulls in an extra $24000 annually. If you can generate sales through social media pages, great. But why not generate even more revenues with a website that also contributes to your sales funnel?

23% of respondents claimed a website isn’t necessary in their line of business. Ah, that old chestnut! I wonder how many of those respondents have actually asked their own customers if they feel the same way. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of them felt differently about it. In today’s digital world, consumers and clients want up-to-date information that’s easy to find. Again, just look at the research by IEDR:

• 83% of Irish consumers believe that every business should have a website
• 60% of Irish people would shop with a competitor for the same product or service if they can’t find their local business online

Building a website is about helping your customers so before you dismiss the idea, maybe you should ask your customers how they feel about it. Unless you work for the Secret Service, or have some very specific ultra-sensitive reason for not going online, you should not assume that a website isn’t necessary in your line of business.

Key takeaways

Research shows that Irish businesses make an average €24,000 extra revenue annually through their website sales. 83% of Irish consumers believe every business should have a website. These results alone should motivate those of you without websites to think seriously about investing in professional web development. We often come up with reasons to avoid doing something; too costly, too time-consuming or too stressful. That’s human nature but it’s also the wrong way to look at web design. Professional web design will cover its costs quickly in year one, will be easy to update and continue bringing in revenues long after your investment.

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