What Have Fonts Got To Do With Online Sales?

Published: Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

What have fonts got to do with online sales? More than you think. In web design, common sense dictates that clear and legible fonts work best so your website visitors can read your web page copy without a struggle. That said, some businesses require a more contemporary font with a funkier style that reflects the spirit of their brand; for them choosing a safe font doesn’t capture the essence of who they are, nor create the emotional impact they were hoping for. Striking the right balance is critical but how do you know what the right font choice is for your website?

We recommend sitting down with your web designer to clarify exactly what your business is and who your typical customer is, then together decide which font will appeal to your customers. In this article, we explain why choosing the right font for your website not only matters to your customers but also to your online sales.

First, let’s have a look at the basic but crucial points about website fonts.

Font size

Font size is obviously important and although most computers allow users to adjust their font size if necessary, we recommend sticking to Google’s 16px. When I arrive on your business website for the first time, please don’t make me squint to read about your services.


Legibility refers to the font design, that is the actual shape of the letters on your pages. Have you ever arrived on a website for the first time and been immediately turned off because the page text was so stylish it was barely legible? It’s an instant turn-off, right? Keep your customers in mind when choosing the font. Make their user experience as easy as possible by choosing a font that’s easy to read.

Readability and sales

Readability is the way headlines and blocks of text are arranged on your webpages. Poor readability can result in people abandoning the page and your website. That means you lose the visitor and the sale! Line height, word spacing and paragraph spacing all affect readability. We understand some businesses want to make a bold first impression with a far-out design but if that far-out design results in poor readability, then you’re going to lose your readers so be careful with that. Remember it’s your customer that matters so make sure your typography is easy to follow.

Well, they’re the basics folks and you can’t go far wrong if you keep them in mind. Want to learn more? Then read on!

Fonts, user experience and on-page conversions

We’ve mentioned user experience but why exactly is it so important to your sales? The answer is because the better the user experience, the better chance you have of increasing those on-page conversions, particularly sales conversions. Remember, online consumers are a typically impatient bunch. Research by Song and Schwarz clearly shows that easy-to-read fonts save time which certainly appeals to online audiences who may be stuck for time. You want people clicking on those crucial calls-to-action buttons as much as possible, right? Then choose a font that reflects the personality of your brand but are also easier and quicker to read.

How does the font display across mobile devices?

Finally, one more key factor to consider is your mobile audience. Test your webpage typography to see how it will look on smartphone screens, laptops and tablets. Does your font choice pass the legibility test across devices? How about readability? Make sure both are right for your mobile customers.

Key Takeaways

Choosing the right font for your website is an important consideration in web design. Collaborate with your web designer when making this decision. Keep your audience in mind and make sure that your font style is legible and your page copy is readable for your customers on mobile as well as desktop. Ensure you use clear fonts for your call-to-action signposts as well. Remember, poor font choices can result in a terrible user experience making people exit your website and that hurts your sales!


Before choosing a font for your website, get in touch with web design company Digitaledge. We’ll help you identify the right font that reflects your brand, improves user experience and helps improve on-page conversions.

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