Who’s killing it on social in Ireland? pt 3 Twitter

Published: Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Part three of our social media marketing series looks at Irish businesses using Twitter to grow their online communities and increase brand awareness. These businesses are expanding their online reach by using Twitter to continuously build and communicate with a loyal community of followers. They keep them updated on everything from new products and industry events to competitions. But before we get to them, let’s have a look at some stats for Twitter’s Irish market.

Why Twitter?

According to Ipsos MRBI 25%, or approximately 1.2 million Irish people, have Twitter accounts with 39% logging on daily (as of April this year). Those are significant numbers making Twitter a channel worth considering as a good fit for your social media strategy to support your business goals. It also has an advertising platform to help you drive website traffic and increase sales; for more on that visit Twitter’s blog Eight ways that Twitter drives sales. Besides the benefits, Twitter is easy to use. In a single post with just 140 characters, (Twitter is currently testing 280 character Tweets), you can ask or answer your followers’ questions, inform them of events, share pictures and videos, promote competitions, highlight topics using hashtags or send followers directly to a website landing page.
Want to see how Irish businesses are doing it?

Then let’s get started with some examples of Irish brands who are killing it on Twitter.


Wild Atlantic Way

whos killing it on social in ireland pt 3 Twitter

Who are they?
Operated by Failte Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way is a tourist website that promotes Ireland’s magnificent coastline as a holiday destination. Their website lets visitors do a virtual tour of the wild and rugged coastal routes. Their Twitter account reflects that visual strategy with lots of photos to appeal to tourists that may be fed up with the Mediterranean hotspots and want something a little different.

Followers: over 51,000 and counting
Engagement score: 5/5

Why 5/5?
Wild Atlantic Way share original images of their tours with their audience. Images that really are wild in spirit and look spectacular and get good engagement from their target audience which has swelled to over 51000 people. They Tweet regularly and have shown impressive growth in their Twitter community over the last couple of years. A look at their Twitter feed shows their original posts often get over 100 likes and dozens of retweets. Their Sliabh Liag post from Donegal got over 470 likes and 170 RTs, while their recent post promoting #Lahinch as a surfing hotspot also received great engagement within hours of posting.

Follow them on Twitter @wildatlanticway


Irish Rugby


Whos killing it on social in ireland pt 3 Twitter

Who are they?
They are Irish Rugby and their website offers rugby fans loads of information to delight players and fans alike. The site delivers news on provincial rugby, British-Irish fixtures, international events, women’s rugby, children’s events, ticket info, club and community news. Their Twitter account exudes the same kind of community spirit with lots of original images of fans of all ages and both genders engaging with the sport and with the community.

Followers: 653,000 and growing
Engagement score: 5/5

Why 5/5?
Irish Rugby does a great job of capturing the moment and sharing those moments in a way their community appreciates and that community is now well over 650K people. Like any good social media account, they post consistently and maintain the essence of what they do with photos and videos of fans and players in action at various events, strengthening that sense of community. They also use Twitter as a vital information tool to update fans on player injuries and upcoming calendar events. Followers clearly appreciate the effort Irish Rugby makes with their Twitter account. Their posts are liked and retweeted on a regular basis.

Follow them on Twitter @IrishRugby


The Script

Who's killing it on social in Ireland? pt 3 Twitter

Who are they?
The Script are an Irish band formed in the early 2000s who went on to achieve massive international success at the later end of the decade. Since then they’ve sold millions of albums and sold out Croke Park. The group embraced Twitter not long after its launch and have since grown their following to well over 2 million.

Followers: 2.2 million
Engagement score: 5/5

Why 5/5?
OK, so this is a successful pop group highly active in the entertainment world which may seem a million miles away from the challenges that other Irish businesses face. But The Script make our list because it shows the versatility of the platform. It’s a place where all kinds of businesses can build a community of followers and engage with them to effectively promote their brand and products. And make no mistake, successful bands are run like a business, they’re not just creative dudes hanging out and hoping for a break. They must think strategically like any other business enterprise, large or small. The Script used a Pinned tweet to launch their latest record, Freedom Child. Within hours of posting, the tweet received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

Follow them on Twitter @thescript


Vincent Keeling Art

Who's killing it on social in Ireland? pt 3 Twitter

Who is he?
Vincent Keeling is an Irish painter. I first came across this guy on Twitter a couple of years ago and I have admired his work ever since. His portrait skills are amazing and his use of both black and white as well as vibrant colours in his paintings is impressive. But Keeling is also an artist who has shown an impressive understanding of how to use social media. Since joining Twitter in 2012 he has grown his audience to over 156,000 followers. He’s killing it!

Followers: over 156,000 followers
Engagement score: 5/5

Why 5/5?
Vincent Keeling’s personal brand strategy is perfect for Twitter. He keeps his followers updated about the paintings he is currently working on, for example posting photos of himself working on portraits of entertainers like Amy Winehouse. Other artists include Prince, Shane McGowan and David Bowie. The image of Keeling – the artist at work painting an image of a musical icon – gives his audience a real feel for what he does. But you’ll see from his Twitter feed that his followers also love his still life paintings as they also get great engagement.  Keeling uses Twitter as a branding tool not only to build and inform his social community but also to drive traffic to his other online points of contact, like his website and Instagram account.

Follow him on Twitter @VincentKeeling


Life Style Sports

Who's killing it on social in Ireland? pt 3 Twitter

Who are they?
They’re an Irish sports retailer established in 1993 that sells a wide range of clothing and accessories from trainers, t-shirts and tracksuits to sports bags, weights and watches. They set up on Twitter in 2009 and have since grown their audience to over 41000 followers.

Followers: over 41200 and counting
Engagement score: 5/5

Why 5/5?
When Life Style Sports post about upcoming sporting events, particularly GAA, soccer and rugby, you can see the engagement levels rise. Their followers appreciate and share their enthusiasm for these events but Life Style Sports goes further; like offering their followers a chance to win tickets to the football quarter finals and win a signed Dublin jersey if they retweeted the post. They not only keep their audience updated about important sporting occasions, they also give them a chance to attend for free! Their Twitter content creates a real sense of fun and engagement.

Connect on Twitter @lifestylesports


Key Takeaways

Twitter accounts for 29% of the social media market in Ireland or approximately 1.3m people. A third of these users are logging into the site daily, so small and medium businesses should at least consider testing Twitter marketing in their social media strategy. In this article, we showed you examples of businesses in various sectors – tourism, sport, entertainment and retail – using Twitter to grow their online communities, create real engagement with followers, increase brand awareness and drive quality traffic to their websites and other social networks. Twitter also has an advertising platform to help businesses drive sales. So, if you’re serious about expanding your online reach and exposing your brand to more people, then Twitter should be one of the channels you test.

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