Who’s killing it on social in the West of Ireland? pt 2 Instagram

Published: Friday, August 4th, 2017

In part 1 of this social media strategy series we focused on the power of storytelling using Facebook. In the second instalment we focus on Instagram, the image and video sharing app launched in 2010, bought by Facebook in 2012 and now has 700 million monthly active users worldwide. It currently holds 28% of the Irish social media market according to Ipsos MRBI. That’s up from 18% in 2015. Why is it so popular with users and brands? Because like its name implies, the Instagram app is quick and easy to use making it ideal for businesses that may not have the time or human resources to produce long-form content like ebooks or whitepapers.

More importantly, Instagram users are typically between 18-34 years old and more active than most other social media audiences, with 56% logging on daily. But it isn’t just personal brands like Niall Horan and Conor McGregor telling their stories and building their communities on Instagram. Local businesses are waking up to the power of this social network too. Here we look at some local brands who are killing it on Instagram. They might just inspire you to include this network in your social media marketing.


Yes Flowers

Instagram is a highly visual platform making it a powerful tool in digital marketing. This is ideal for a flower shop retailer who wants to share images of stunning floral arrangements and accessories. Just look at the following Yes Flowers has built up. Pretty impressive for a small local business eh? Their images get fantastic engagement too, making this page a great example of building an online community through visual storytelling.

Followers: over 7000 and counting
Instagram: Yes Flowers

who's killing it on social in Ireland


Galway GAA

As mentioned, the biggest user group on Instagram are 18-34 year olds, the majority of whom own smartphones. Instagram is perfect for this mobile generation as it’s such an easy app to use to search for fun and interesting accounts like Galway GAA. This community is building up an impressive following on Instagram. Their posts show the passion they have for Gaelic football and hurling and they get great engagement from followers with many photos receiving thousands of likes.

Followers: 15.8K, they’re killing it!
Instagram: Galway GAA

Who's killing it on social in ireland


Latin Quarter Galway

The Latin Quarter Galway are also busy growing their audience on Instagram. Another good example of a brand using visuals to tell their story and expand their online community. This page features some great pics of Galway as a centre for arts and culture. Their Instagram account is fun, locally focused and drives engagement with plenty of likes and comments on their posts.

Followers: 11.7k and growing
Instagram: Latin Quarter Galway

who's killing it on social in ireland



An Pucan

These guys are killing it across social media. They’ve already built a successful Facebook community, now they have reached over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Not surprising as this is one of Galway’s most exciting pubs and their page reflects that with visuals that really capture their spirit – good food, booze, music and people having fun.

Followers: 20.3k, they’re killing it on Instagram!
Instagram: An Pucan

who's killing it on social in ireland



Galway Tattoos

Instagram is the perfect social channel for Galway Tattoos. What better place to build a community of tattoo lovers than a mobile app where followers can quickly and easily upload and share striking images of freshly done tattoos. Some of the artwork on display is really beautiful, and their posts get heavy engagement from their growing community. Another example of impressive storytelling through visuals.

Followers: over 4600 and counting
Instagram: Galway Tattoos

Who's killing it on social media in Ireland


The G Hotel

The G Hotel is a five-star hotel and spa in Galway who have significantly grown their Instagram audience to over 15000 followers. With over 1400 posts their account has plenty of images to explore, helping their audience to get a better sense of who they are. Their most recent posts features lots of ladies in fancy hats having the craic at the Galway Races! And why not? Some of those are very popular with their followers and get great engagement on their page.

Followers: 15.7k, a five-star following!
Instagram: The G Hotel

who's killing it on social in ireland



Key takeaway

Instagram has 700 million users worldwide. It has 28% of the social media market in Ireland with the typical user being between 18-34. The Instagram app is quick and easy to use and ideal for visual storytelling. Users can upload images from a mobile phone to their Instagram account and create immediate engagement with followers. This makes it a brilliant social network for any business that may not have the human resources to develop long-form content such as blogs and ebooks or whitepapers. Telling a story through visuals is a fun way to build an online community but like any social channel, it requires time, commitment and a clear social media strategy.

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