Who the hell Are Digitaledge and why should I care?

Published: Monday, April 18th, 2016

Hello we’re Digitaledge, a brand new web design, digital marketing and technology agency dedicated to helping SMEs figure out how to make the internet really work for them. With more than 15 years spent designing and delivering large scale IT solutions for the corporate sector, we feel it’s time for us to apply this experience to small and medium businesses.

The inspiration for establishing Digitaledge came from conversations with local business owners about their web presence and the impact of the internet on their businesses. We found that for a lot of you the online world is still a place that can be a source of some frustration in terms of understanding how it’s supposed to create sales for your particular business.

We spoke with all kinds of businesses like restaurant owners, shopkeepers, florists, paint shops, vets, fashion boutiques, hostels, health stores, cafes and hairdressers to name a few. More than a third of those we talked to had no website and you sited time constraints as a major factor with many of you simply not having the time to devote to building a web presence for your business.

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Time and budget are obviously critical issues but these are just two of the issues that we are attempting to address at Digitaledge. Other sentiments expressed by business owners was a lack of clarity, with more than a quarter saying they don’t actually know whether their websites are helping them or not. Others were unsure if the digital world was right for their business. It’s our philosophy that with a smart digital strategy in place, any sized business in any industry sector can create opportunities to generate sales and grow their customer base in a measurable way. We are putting that philosophy to the test. Take a moment to consider our mission statement.

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations with an exceptional digital service that is strategic, technically reliable, creative, measurable, delivers tangible results and is supported by continuous research and analysis.

It’s a bold statement but one that we are fully committed to. Differentiating your business from your competitors is a crucial factor in a busy and noisy online world. Competition is tough and ever-present but don’t let that intimidate you. With the right support system in place your business can rise above the noise and compete with the best of them. That’s ultimately what we want to help you do – stand out and compete for business.

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There is quite a lot that goes into the process of competing online. Everything from web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to email marketing, content creation, online advertising and social media strategy. At first glance this process might appear too daunting and too time consuming for a busy business owner to contend with. Perhaps that’s why so many choose to put it on the back burner. That is precisely why we are keen to talk to you. We want the opportunity to sit down with business owners like you and discuss ways to use the internet to increase your sales and profits. The Digitaledge team understands that well defined strategies and delivering a great user experience will ultimately help you achieve that goal.

We know businesses are keen to embrace the economic recovery and the opportunities it will present, but we’re also conscious of the fact that many businesses are operating on restricted budgets and have concerns around costs. The good news is SMEs don’t have to spend a fortune to promote themselves effectively online! You’d be surprised how much you can achieve on a restricted budget. We aim to build websites and digital strategies that are affordable for businesses like yours.

On a final note let me just say that the Digitaledge team are friendly, approachable and happy to share their experience and ideas with you. So why not call in to us for a chat; we’re in the Galway Technology Centre in the Mervue Business Park. Or call 091- 704830 or email us. And don’t forget to have a browse around our website.

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