Why Building a Website is a Waste of Money

Published: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Research commissioned by the IE Domain Registry found that 22% of Irish SMEs still don’t have any web presence at all. Of these, over half stated they had no intention of going online in the near future. Cost and time are often cited as issues for many companies but building a website quickly, cheaply and without a clear digital marketing strategy in mind, is a bad business decision and just costs you more to fix in the long run.

Here we list 8 reasons why building a website is a waste of money…if you build it on the cheap.

1. It gives the wrong impression to first time users

You need to treat website development with the same respect you would apply to your shop, factory or office. So, ask yourself this question; would you let amateurs design your shop? Would you let them decide how to display your products or train your staff? Of course not, because this is your business we’re talking about! You need to treat web design with the same respect.

2. Amateurs don’t understand search engine requirements

Hiring an amateur may seem like a good idea at the time purely for budget reasons. However, the unqualified designer may have very little knowledge of the back-end technical development required to satisfy the requirements of search engines like Google. This is a crucial point because Google now uses a whole range of ranking factors when deciding where to place your business in search engine results. Poor quality development will negatively impact your website’s performance and thus your position in search results and that in turn will hurt sales. You want to be found on page 1, right? Well, choosing amateurs to build your website is the wrong way to go about it!

3. Poor conversion rates will hurt your sales

In our experience we find unqualified designers don’t consider your goals or your customer’s journey; they focus purely on how the website looks. Not understanding your goals or the visitor’s journey will result in less conversions on your web pages. For example, knowing where to place call-to-action signals that become an important part of the customer journey. Amateurs may not understand those signals or realise their value.

4. Website security breaches put your customers at risk

Poor web development will leave you open to attack from hackers looking to steal information, a typical example being credit card info on an ecommerce check-out page but there are other vulnerable hack-points. For example, sign-up forms placed on landing pages. Website security breaches can happen without you or the unqualified web developer even knowing about it. If such breaches occur it could be devastating for your business, particularly where credit card details are concerned. Security is one issue you definitely don’t want to leave in the hands of amateurs.

5. Poor user-experience costs you repeat business

Great design delivers a great user experience that encourages people to enquire about your services or purchase your products. But great design also keeps people coming back for more. A poor experience will result in visitors never returning to your site again and that’s the kiss of death for your online trade. Repeat customers are crucial to your long-term success and investing properly in a professional trustworthy website will help you hold on to valuable customers for longer.

6. Brand damage – your reputation is on (the) line

Your brand is a symbol of who you are and what you represent. Through various promotional activities your name and logo become familiar to the public and become synonymous with a particular industry, and with a certain standard of service – either good or bad (that depends on you!) Web design plays a significant part in supporting your brand reputation. A badly designed website will damage your brand if it looks shoddy, is difficult to navigate or presents product information that’s out of date. Worse, a site with broken links all over it will turn people off but at least links can be fixed. However, if your site contains malware and is easily hacked by cyber thieves, then your online reputation will take quite a hammering and that’s harder to fix. Your brand reputation is too important to leave in the hands of amateurs. Remember that.

7. You end up with no support system when you need it most

Your website goes live and for a while you’re delighted. Then one day your website suffers a serious security breach or it crashes altogether. You need help to fix it but find that your amateur developer is nowhere to be found. What then? Now you’ve got a major problem on your hands; your business is under threat and you’ve got nobody to turn to. This scenario alone should be enough to discourage you from hiring amateurs!

8. You end up paying twice

Another key issue is return on investment. For those of you hoping to generate new customers and increase your ROI, having a safe, goal-driven, professional website is a must. An amateur website could result in zero return and end up costing you in maintenance fees and hosting costs. Yes, they still must be paid whether your design is great or not! Business owners who thought they were saving money by building a site on the cheap, very often find themselves having to fork out for a new website again after years of trouble with the initial amateur site. So, they end up paying twice. Why pay twice?

Key takeaways

The message is clear now I hope – don’t build it on the cheap! Your business is too important to cut corners with your website. That means always hire professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to web design and web development. Your business deserves a website that will deliver the right first impression, is technically sound, drives leads, is safe to use, builds trust in your brand and helps you get the return you want.

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