How to use the Facebook creative hub

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2018

What is the creative hub?

In a nutshell, it’s a Facebook tool that businesses can use to create and then test a page, or an ad, before going live on Facebook or Instagram. The hub gives your social media marketers or creative directors total control over the design of mock-up pages and ads before promoting them to your target audiences. It’s also a collaborative tool so your creative team can work together on mock ads to drive your social media marketing campaigns.

How do you access the creative hub?

Simple. Go to Facebook Business, then on the main menu hover your cursor over the ‘Inspiration’ tab. This opens a second menu. Click on the Creative Hub option as shown below.

facebook creative hub


You are now on the Creative Hub landing page. Click the ‘create mockup’ button to start designing your new ad.


creative hub


Creating a mock-up ad

To design your first mock-up ad just click the green create mockup button as shown below. A new drop-down menu appears. Choose a Facebook or Instagram ad; your options are single images, single videos, canvas, 360 videos, slideshows or carousel ads.

creative hub drop down menu


Once you make your choice just fill in the requirements as outlined by Facebook. For example, if you pick a carousel ad you will need to name your test page, upload a page profile image, then fill in the text content of your ad. Next, upload an image or video for the ad as shown below. Then add your headline and URL destination (where you want people to visit after they click your advert). Then add a brief description of your promotion and pick the appropriate call-to-action button.

creative hub image 4


Preview your ad before launching it

In the top right corner of this page, the Creative Hub gives you an overview of the ad you have just created.  In the image below you can see a set of buttons at the top where the red arrow is pointing. This is where you check to see if your ad meets Facebook’s guidelines. Then you can save your ad to create a preview link to view your finished ad before going live.


fb 1


Click on the ‘mobile news feed’ arrow for a list of options that allows you to see how your finished ad will appear on different devices. As you see below, you have four choices; desktop newsfeed, desktop right column, mobile news feed and feature phone. When you’re implementing social media marketing campaigns  it’s important to remember that a significant percentage of your target audience will be viewing your content on smartphones.

fb 2


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